Fully automated and flexible management of supplier switching

Today, our system ProChange manages more than 20% of all supplier changes in Sweden, Finland and Spain.

ProChange is a standardized concept for the automatic and intelligent management of supplier changes. The system takes care of all communication and data handling between you and the network owners and / or electricity suppliers. All events are logged in plain text, and you can at any time update about the current status of ongoing supplier changes. Information, status and messages can be exported in real time and in plain language to any internal system such as for visualization of pending cases in other systems (if desired).

ProChange can work with any number of sales system and / or customer service system, and the differences between them are absorbed to 100% of ProChange. The system includes advanced business- and decision logic, which makes it possible to automate fault management and monitoring. Of course it also includes easy to use features to manage ongoing cases (eg, cancel, check, change, etc.).

The outside world in the energy industry becomes more and more volatile, and the players involved makes changes at faster speeds and with shorter notice. This places high demands on automation eg regarding the updating of the players who are on the market (new ones are added every month), the communication addresses (smtp addresses) to be used, etc. ProChange has fully automated functions for regular updates of the information available on eg centralized portals, and everything is done using SOAP.

The foundation and the "engine" in ProChange concept is our mediation device ProPilot.