Props delivers complete systems solutions for today's and the future's problem areas. Unique flexibility combined with incredibly high performance and easy-to-use features create systems that support your processes - today and in the future.

Why spend huge amounts of money on consultants to get them to develop products that already exist?

Instead Props quotes complete and standardized products with incredibly high performance and flexibility. These products have been tailored to the requirements in areas such as energy and telecom market.

All solutions are supplied set and clear, and it is just for you to "turn the key". This means that we actively manages and takes care of all the necessary communication with external parties involved. When information is collected, it is we who analyze and manage collected specs, test files, and sample files. The analysis is then the basis for our work to implement all the necessary parameters and settings, which is 100% translated and adapted by us so everything should be clear when you take over the system. Typically there is also extra parameter settings that customize the system to your current situation and / or your optimal work-flow (eg in terms of appearance on screens, etc.).

Metering data management

Advanced, easy-to-use, automatic, and complete metering management and metering database.

Supplier switching

Fully automatic and flexible handling of utility supplier switching, also including all EDI communication. Manages more than 20% of all supplier switchings made in Sweden, Finland and Spain.

EDI management

Stand-alone and fully automated EDI manager handling communication between you and other utilities/companies.


Complete billing system for all areas, such as utility, electricity networks, heating/cooling, broadband, telecom, water, fuel, garbage collection, services, etc.

External reporting

Complete & automatic management of all external reporting, also including reporting of meter readings to external destinations.


Stand-alone, advanced and flexible pricing engine with incredibly high capacity. Includes the acquisition of data from multiple internal and external data sources.

Component management

Component information system ("component directory") for full control of utility meters and any other equipment. Also includes work order management.


Mediation device solution for all handling of data flows between systems, including business- and decision logics.