Standalone, advanced and flexible pricing management with extremely high capacity.

Pricing module ProPrice is built to calculate the correct price of a plethora of different products and services. It handles parameters such as product type, contract type, customer type, time, number, volume, discounts, location, destination, date, VAT rates, etc. As a user, you can base your pricing on any type of parameters at any time, and your customers (or customer) can be offered completely different price plans - while maintaining your flexibility.

The product has a very competent business logic engine that enables a set of advanced relationships and calculations.

ProPrice is a modern application that is built from scratch to handle large amounts of data, and the system can handle several thousand lines per second even at more advanced applications.

After pricing the calculations are sent as pre-priced data to other systems, for example databases, web interfaces, surveillance systems, customer service systems, billing systems, etc.

ProPrice is extremely useful when, for example an energy company or a telecom operator wishes to implement new services that will then be made to work with an old (existing) billing system. ProPrice will then take care of the entire pricing problem and put a price on events and services existing (old) systems can not handle.

This solution also provides a successful validation of the constituent subsystems - which simplifies and creates opportunities for future replacements and upgrades.