Matering data management & Metering database

Metering database ProBase offers great flexibility regarding the collection, analysis, quality assurance, storage and distribution of data. The system enables sophisticated collection of data, intelligent data conversion and automation of data distribution (eg of remote data) to multiple systems and multiple parties. This means that all your internal system (and any external parties) can obtain the right amount of selected data in the proper data format and with flexible periodicity.

ProBase delivery always includes an advanced "mediation device" (integration engine) that allows the system to easily communicate to- and from any number of internal and external systems and databases. Of course, the delivery of ProBase includes that staff from Props sets up all the necessary connections and links to these systems.

There are no restrictions ni ProBase regarding which data that can be handled. Examples of data that are managed today are data from electricity, district heating, water, fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadband, services, etc.
Any user can create their own advanced searches, reports and statistics - based on all available information in ProBase. Via the user interface users are also given access to the ability to manually check and / or correct the included data. Examples of control and correction possibilities are visualizing of readings without installation, readings with lower value than before, metering changes "glitches", inaccurate meter readings, flagging of poor quality, etc.

Examples of included business and decision logic are e.g. data conversion, interpolation, check for double-entry, allocation of readings to virtual establishments, etc.