Mediation managament of data flows between internal and/or externa systems

Our mediation device (integration platform) ProPilot ensures that your internal systems and external partners always get the correct data, at the right time and in the correct format. With the help of advanced and skilled business- and decision logic ProPilot absorbs any changes in the surrounding systems, and release management of your other systems and sub-systems can be made completely independent of each other. This built-in logic also means that information from multiple sources with flexible simplicity can be managed to create the new format and content one would expect. All tools are included from start, and new business logic can be applied by means of parameterization. ProPilot can simultaneously coordinate different types of goods / network information such as energy, heating / cooling, broadband, telecom, etc.

ProPilot is a 100-percent "mediation device", meaning that it is a product that is already built, all necessary functions are included from the start, and that no development (programming) is required when the system will be adapted to changes in the surrounding environment . Included standard features and useful tools are built with the experience we have gained through over 150 individual installations (in more than 60 countries) of mediation and integration between systems.

The most basic and important functionality of ProPilot is that the system has the ability to offer complete control of business- and decision logic for handling the data. Another important functionality isfor ProPilot to absorb changes made in surrounding system or its data flows, so these changes do not affect other systems. This in turn means that the ability to replace existing systems is dramatically simplified.