Complete and automatic solution for settlement and for external reporting

ProShare is a complete system solution for the grid owner calculation-, handling- and sending (reporting) of preliminary load profile shares, final load profile shares, network losses, balancing, readings, etc.

In addition to the list above, there are a number of external reports and file flows to be handled by the network owner-All this can be managed by ProShare.

ProShare is a standalone product that is always delivered, completely set up and ready to use. The system contains and includes all necessary tools for self-monitoring and visualization of incoming and outgoing data. All the collection of basic data, creation of reports, and the sending of reports is fully automatic, which is made possible since  the delivery of ProShare normally includes also the Props mediation device.

Reports from ProShare can be sent to eg utility companies, the balance providers, electricity suppliers, all recipients of free series, etc. Of course, the system also communicates with eSett when required.

Proshare is 100% automated, both in terms of managing data & files, performing calculations, management of produced results and distribution of the created reports.