Standalone EDI solution for fully automated message management between You and other palayers on the market.

ProGate is a standalone solution for messaging between players in the market. The system provides a cost-effective and 100% automated communication between operators on the market (eg electricity suppliers, balance providers, electricity distributors, etc.). The system has been on the market since 2006, and today it passes over twenty percent (20%) of all Swedish, Finnish and Spanish supplier changes for individuals.

Naturally, validation, reporting, response and alert generating is completely automatic. And ProGate also gives you an unique overview and control of incoming and outgoing messages.

As a buyer of the ProGate you get automatic control of your messages, possibility to correct any errors, automatic continuous updating of communication addresses for both recipients and senders, automatic format conversion (you can continue to use the "old" existing formats), automatic sending of messages, automatic receiving of messages, visualization of all notifications and checks (with explanatory texts), advanced but easy to use search and filter functions to quickly & easily find messages (input and output), communication control & alarms, validation, re-sending and reminders, automatic format conversion of the received information into your existing systems (eg billing), etc.

ProGate can actually be the only communication point you need to communicate with, in the manner and using the formats you prefer!