Flexible tool for management of utility meters and other equipment

Props component information system ProComp is a standardized and flexible solution working completely independent of other systems.

The user-friendly screens supports ease of use and efficient workflow. Logical connections between customer, facility, place and component (eg electricity meters) are presented graphically so complete view is obtained of how these are related to each other. When a customer has several different utilities (eg electricity, heating, garbage disposal, etc.) these can be presented together in the same graphical view.

All communication with the surrounding systems are 100% handled. This includes connections and communication to- and from eg customer information system (often the billing system), hand-terminal systems, network information system, collection systems, etc.

Work orders  can be created for individual components, but also for 1000s of components at the same time! Flexible and easy to use user tools in ProComp opens up for efficient selection analysis before the creation of work orders. Search and filter on which parameter you want, or combinations of these!

Information on the meter, measuring location, facility and customer information are presented in detail, and also includes graphic presentation (on map) of components' geographic location - whether it's a street address or not.