Complete billing system and customer information system

Billing system ProBill is a modern solution built from scratch to handle huge amounts of data, and the system can handle several tens of thousands of records per second even at more advanced applications. The system supports Props' architecture with interchangeable modules, is scalable and can handle different types of events / utilities (electricity supply, electricity networks, products, services, telephony, broadband, sanitation, heating, etc.).

ProBill is a complete solution that is built to be able to take care of events and data that often can not be handled by traditional billing systems available on the market. The system takes care of the entire analysis and pricing problems, regardless of what it is like to be priced! ProBill creates a billing and customer service environment for your future!

Advanced pricing engine
ProBill calculates the correct price on collected data from any sources (electricity meters, switches, databases, etc.), on products & services as well as on all other items a customer has used. As a buyer, you can base your pricing on any type of parameters at any time, and your customers (or individual customer) can be offered completely different price plans and contract forms - while maintaining flexibility. This can be achieved since ProBill has a highly skilled business logic engine that enables the set of highly sophisticated relationships and calculations.

Detailed and comprehensive preview
The system is proactive in its calculations, which means that users at any time (!) can see what the next billing will be for each individual customer as well as the invoice details the next billing will contain. This review of the future invoice is possible immediately from the first day of the new billing period. The content of the detailed preview takes into account all future scheduled changes and changes course in real time based on the customer's new data when arriving (new readings, new contract forms, new prices, etc.).