With great industry knowledge and modern solutions, Props delivers fast value to our customers. By challenging the industry and competition, Props shows that it is possible to quickly achieve impact targets and a ready implemented solution.

Props solutions are modular, which allows you as a customer to choose the system support you need exactly. We love automation and early quality assurance of data to facilitate the work of our users. Regardless of which parts of Props broad portfolio you choose, all are in the same simple interface that allows rights management down to the detail level to ensure that the right person in your organization has access to the right information.

Props solutions include invoicing, measurement measurement and supplier switching, component information and work orders. All of our solutions include an integration platform that communicates with all surrounding systems. We can price the type of product / utility and communicate directly with leading print agencies to easily generate invoices for your end customer.

Props delivers all system solutions to Utility Clearing House (uClearing), Europe's first clearing house for the energy industry. uClearing enables the Nordic end-customer market and electricity-dealer-centric business model, for everyone in the industry.


Complete billing systems and customer information system solutions.


Complete and automated system solutions for EDI processing, supplier switching, and metering data management.


Mediation device solution for all handling of data flows between systems, including business- and decision logics.


Props delivers all system solutions for Utility Clearing House (uClearing), Europe's first clearing house for the energy industry. 


Props is a Swedish supplier of flexible and affordable software solutions for energy companies, telcos, broadband companies and banks. The staff at Props have previously developed four successful generations of billing solutions that today serves over 22 million end users across Europe.


Since the early 90s, our staff has been working with system solutions for international integration and advanced billing. The collective knowledge has resulted in standardized systems with high data capacity and user flexibility, creating customized solutions without the need for adjustments in the systems.


We solve what others consider to be "problems", and we offer solutions of the future - already today. For our customers, this results in concrete, immediate, standardized and cost-effective software solutions. From Props you get  a ready-proven solution - at a fixed price. We gladly solves the difficult, the easy can others take care of.


billing solutions
installeD at

of all supplier CHANGES
in Sweden
and Finland

for metering data


Props has since long provided billing solutions in live environments handling supplier centric business model, for both Spanish and Finnish utility companies.

With the help of solutions and clearing services from Props, centralized management of the Nordic end-customer market and electricity supplier-centric business model for all Nordic energy companies can be implemented already today.


  • Another two (2) Norwegian electricity companies choose Props billing solution for automatic communication with the Norwegian electricity hub and for future-proof invoicing, with all system operation outsourced to Props Services.
  • Solör Bioenergi Group begins cooperation with Props and in a first step, Props replaces the existing invoicing solution for district heating at Solör Bioenergi Falköping.
  • The international company Svea Solar is replacing systems for customer management, invoicing and change of supplier with a flexible and powerful solution from Props.
  • Affärsverken Karlskrona chooses the system "ProBill" from Props as new customer- and billing system for electicity, power network, district heating, district cooling, broadband, power production, micro production and shares for the solar park.
  • Swedish utility company Boo Energi chooses Props as the supplier of new customer information system for billing, supplier switching and customer management - with the options Customer Account and Extended Sales Support (CRM).
  • An established Finnish electricity supplier signs an agreement with Props to start "White Label" with the billing solution ProBill.
  • Jönköping Energi chooses Props as supplier of system solution for customer mgt and billing, for electricity network, electricity dealing, district heating and other services.
  • Props is the first supplier in the world to migrate an energy company that is connected to the Norwegian data hub. The first energy company ever in Norway has now switched billing solution, and at the same time migrated between old and new system, while being connected to the Norwegian hub "Elhub".
  • Tekniska verken in Linköping extend existing agreement with Props Utility Solutions (Props) by ordering additional system solutions and services in addition to already ordered customer management and invoicing systems.
  • Swedish district heating- and cooling company Södertörns Fjärrvärme chooses billing system ProBill from Props for component mgt, metering data mgt and flexible invoicing.
  • Falkenberg Energi chooses ProBill as the new customer info system, for invoicing, change-of-supplier mgt, customer mgt and microproduction mgt.
  • Tekniska verken in Linköping chooses the Swedish system provider Props Utility Solutions (Props) as the supplier of the ProBill solution for customer management and billing. In the procurement, Tekniska verken has sought a secure standard solution that meets both legal requirements and set targets: new business opportunities, automation, control (traceability, quality assurance and internal control) in a future-assured architecture. The ProBill solution from Props will handle ten companies that are linked to Tekniska verken, including Bixia for electricity and Utsikt för broadband, as well as the entities electricity network, district heating, district cooling, steam, water & sewage and rents.
  • Service provider Utility Clearing House (uClearing) selects Props as supplier of systems to enable the services "Nordic retail market" and "Supplier-centric business model".

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